Humane Grooming Policies

Four Dogs Sitting together in front of pink backdrop

At Mucky Pups we always strive to give our customers the hair cuts they request for their dog’s. However, we will not, under any circumstances, cause discomfort to your dog for the sake of a preferred haircut.

What do we mean by this statement?

If your dog has any health issues that affect his/her ability to stand or need to have their limbs manipulated in order to achieve a certain trim, we will encourage our customers to put their dog into a more suitable trim based on each dog’s health issue. When your dog’s health is compromised, we go for comfort and cleanliness, not perfection.

If your dog is matted to the point it cannot be humanely brushed out, they will be put into a short kennel clip. The length with be determined by the severity of the matting.

If your dog has anxiety issues or is easily stressed, we will not hurry their clip. Dog’s with these type of issues take more time and patience and therefore we will require extra time for the clip.

This same policy will sometimes apply to a puppy’s first grooming. We want a puppy’s first grooming experience to be a positive one.

We do not express anal glands. We feel this is a veterinarian’s area of expertise.

Dog’s that are difficult for their faces due to infected teeth, sight problems or other ailments may not receive the quality of groom you may have had in the past. We never push a dog to the point of stress or agitation.

We will pluck healthy ears by request but not infected ears. This type of condition should be under the care of a veterinarian. Please check with your vet as to his or her recommendations.

We will always put your dog’s welfare first!

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